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Back from Washington DC, it was a fun trip :) Now got to respond to all messages and appreciations haha
Not home currently, I'm in the US (since I live in Canada..), so if I don't respond quickly or thank people for faving, its just because I don't have the time for that :)
Devious Demon Towa [REQUEST] by AlphaDBZ
Devious Demon Towa [REQUEST]
Greetings Deviant Art visitors! This right here is a request from a friend on DA called BubbaZ whose profile you can check out at this link :)

This attractive yet dangerous female demon is present in the DB Xenoverse, DB Heroes and DB Online games, and is one of the more intriguing and great female characters from DBZ in my opinion, which is why I accepted this request, hope you guys enjoy it :D

I started this out by using a pic of Android 18 as reference for a female body as I've never done one before in my artworks, and worked my way from there. I used two different programs to complete this: Gimp 2 for initial lineart, colors and special effects as well as background; and Paintool SAI for final lineart and some of the coloring schemes (thanks to another great DBZ artist El Maky, who told me what program he used for his linearts and answered my questions :) You can find him here:

Towa is a demon scientist, very intelligent, yet also powerful and capable to use magic as well as her spear in order to harm enemies. Towa is manipulative, and created her own equally evil husband, Mira, out of the DNA of strong martial arts masters (sounds like another creature I know..) Her evil and devious side can sometimes be hidden behind her beauty, but one must not be fooled as this vixen will take any opportunity to gain advantages and have things go her way, and if they don't fall in her favor, someone must pay a dear price and face her dark sorcery!
Future Trunks - Super Saiyan 5 Warrior by AlphaDBZ
Future Trunks - Super Saiyan 5 Warrior
[Don't forget to zoom in for details!] Hello fellow Deviant Art frolickers and Dragon ball fans! Hope you're all enjoying the summer as much as I am. I finally get enough free time to conjure up a deviation, like the one in front of you now haha :)

This is Trunks from the future timeline, having transformed into the amazingly powerful and majestic SSJ5 form (from Dragon Ball After Future / AF by young jijii), ready to protect the earth with the help of his magical sword and bad-ass transformation.

Here's the same Future Trunks SSJ5 but with grayer hair instead of bluish shading:
Here's the same Future Trunks SSJ5 but with no lighning and aura:

In all seriousness though, this took me quite some time to make (a couple of hours for about 3 days, might not seem like much but it felt like forever in the process lol, probably because I worked during some nights too haha), but I had time at my disposal since there's no more school for now :D
I made it all in a free software called Gimp 2, and used a SSJ Trunks as reference pic but did the whole lineart and colors myself. I then had to adapt the complexities of the SSJ 5 form to it, which was obviously the hardest part. I used some young jijii SSJ5 pics as observing references (especially for the tail and parts of the hair), and I made the lightning and aura myself.
I finished by adding a background and ground shadow for a complete work.

I know the super saiyan 5 form isn't actually official, but it is a form that I've never tried to make before (aside from some old recolors which frankly don't count), and I find it actually looks like a good follow up to the SSJ4, and definitely it's more original than the new SSJ God which are pretty cool, but really just recolors lol. Anyways, I gave it a try here since I haven't seen many Trunks SSJ5 concepts and I think it turned out pretty cool mixed with Trunks' characteristics, but I'll let you be the judges :)
New deviation coming soon, and I would say it's a pretty cool one :)
This journal is simply here to warn anybody of the troll (or trolls) known as MaskoJohnor
ThenamieisBob or  321Zleep
Yes, this person most likely made several accounts to post hate comments on one of my newer deviations Macjnavn or Dragonspawn. At first, it could have seemed like several people with some fairly aggressive constructive criticism, but after replying to each one, and checking each user's profile, it showed me that they each made their account a day ago (at the time they posted the comment), except for 321Zleep who made it a week beforehand, and that their only activity was commenting on my artwork with nonsensical arguments and unwarranted hate.
I made a Deviant Art account to share my artwork with you guys and to also see awesome art from you guys, the Deviant Art community. There is no need to spread hate, as there is already a ton in the world, which is why after seeing that these users (which is probably one person) simply wanted to spread negativity instead of positivity and happiness, I blocked them from my page, and you should too.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
-Hello guys, in my spare time I enjoy making digital Dragon Ball art with a program called PhotoFilter as well as Gimp now for lineart. I focus mainly on creating interesting character concepts that are original and unique, in tenkaichi style edit or just a character portrair
-I have a youtube channel but it is related to Call Of Duty mainly, and the WWE games but I don't upload often.
-I am also an avid wrestling fan, so if there is anything rasslin' related you want to talk about, don't hesitate to ask :)

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