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The Legendary Super Saiyan Has Awakened (DBZ) by AlphaDBZ
The Legendary Super Saiyan Has Awakened (DBZ)
Hello people! The super saiyan form of legend has appeared on Namek and Frieza is positively terrified!

Hope you enjoy this what-if DBZ encounter of Broly vs Frieza. This fictional moment would be possible perhaps if Broly and Paragus (Broly's father) had wanted to take revenge on Frieza for destroying the Saiyan race (if they somehow found out that it wasn't a meteorite) and by killing Frieza, they would be closer to becoming new masters of the galaxy. Starting the fight with Frieza on Namek, Broly would transform into Super Saiyan first, but being unable to control his strength and rage, he would go even further beyond to the Legendary Super Saiyan form as Frieza cannot believe what he is witnessing.

Frieza's inability to sense power levels goes to his detriment here, as a desperate Frieza, already tired from fighting SSJ Broly, believes his powered up form is enough to defeat the mighty LSSJ Broly. Yet as he attacks Broly, his punch (or knife-hand strike) doesn't make a single dent in Broly's skin and his wrist breaks in the process. I also want to add that I really tried with this artwork to replicate the DBZ anime-style instead of doing a more personal-style to give make this seem like canon  to  DBZ as I feel that Broly meeting Frieza in a DBZ episode would have been an amazing sight at that :)

In addition to my Vegetto SSJ God SSJ deviations, I have also made a Vegetto Super Saiyan God with red hair and flame-like aura from Battle of Gods which you can see here in my Stash:Vegetto   Super Saiyan God Real by AlphaDBZ
Vegetto - SSJ God SSJ Ressurection 'F' Attire by AlphaDBZ
Vegetto - SSJ God SSJ Ressurection 'F' Attire
Hey guys, I have come back from my vacation in Dominican Republic which was a really nice escape from usual routine life in the city. Anyways,this is just a sort of sequel of my Vegetto Super Saiyan God artwork, this time using Vegetto's attire if Goku and Vegeta fuse using potara earrings with their respective Resurrection F clothes on (as opposed to the traditional Vegetto clothes that we see in the Buu saga).

If you don't understand why his back looks the way it does, it's because of Vegeta's attire, which you can see how it looks like here:

You can see Goku, Vegeta and Vegetto with Resurrection F attires here for comparison:

Click here to see a version of this Vegetto with a black belt instead of blue:

You can see my original SSJ God SSJ Vegetto deviation with the classic Vegetto clothes here:…
Vegetto - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan by AlphaDBZ
Vegetto - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
Greetings everyone! Here is my concept of Vegetto / Vegito (potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta) becoming the newest Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form that appears in the new DBZ movie Resurrection Of Frieza or Fukkatsu No F in Japanese. I used a Goku lineart as base from amazing digital artist Bejitsu which you can see here:… And I had to redo the whole lineart when I started color. Here is the lineart to Vegetto SSJG SS:

Anyways, those orb-like glowing objects are components of someone possessing divine ki, as well as the blue flame-like aura. The blue tinted hair and eyes are the finishing touches to the new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form which is not the most creative form, but it's still looks really cool on a godly level. I used that particular background to put the image in parallel with the new golden Frieza form images where he stands on a single rocky cliff.

By the way, for those who don't know, Super Saiyan God (red hair) is like a new base form, so not a transformation. The super saiyan god practically becomes a whole new person or being as the user of that form gains divine ki and becomes god-like. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Blue Hair) is the Super Saiyan 1 transformation while being a God and not just a simple saiyan (dark hair).

You can see Vegetto SSJ God with red hair and flame aura from Battle of Gods here:

Another side point: this version of Vegetto may be the only being strong enough in the universe to defeat my previous deviation Super Buu Whis absorbed which you can see here:…

Also, I used the traditional Vegetto clothing instead of the clothing he would have with Goku and Vegeta's new attires from the Ressurection of F movie since if I would have featured Vegetto with new clothing it might be confusing to some people since he has never worn that attire, and the classic Vegetto clothes and colors look great, I wanted to have at least one deviation with Orange-blue Vegetto clothing.

 I have however, also made SSJ God SSJ Vegetto with his new attire which you can see here:…

Well, I hope you like this concept I posted a day before I go on a one week vacation to Dominican Republic for my birthday! I was also a little sick while working on this deviation and am happy to have finally finished it, I think it turned out quite well :)
New deviation coming soon! Here is the lineart from it :) Vegetto - SSJ God SSJ (lineart) by AlphaDBZ
This journal is simply here to warn anybody of the troll (or trolls) known as MaskoJohnor
ThenamieisBob or  321Zleep
Yes, this person most likely made several accounts to post hate comments on one of my newer deviations Macjnavn or Dragonspawn. At first, it could have seemed like several people with some fairly aggressive constructive criticism, but after replying to each one, and checking each user's profile, it showed me that they each made their account a day ago (at the time they posted the comment), except for 321Zleep who made it a week beforehand, and that their only activity was commenting on my artwork with nonsensical arguments and unwarranted hate.
I made a Deviant Art account to share my artwork with you guys and to also see awesome art from you guys, the Deviant Art community. There is no need to spread hate, as there is already a ton in the world, which is why after seeing that these users (which is probably one person) simply wanted to spread negativity instead of positivity and happiness, I blocked them from my page, and you should too.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
-Hello guys, in my spare time I enjoy making digital Dragon Ball art with a program called PhotoFilter as well as Gimp now for lineart. I focus mainly on creating interesting character concepts that are original and unique, in tenkaichi style edit or just a character portrair
-I have a youtube channel but it is related to Call Of Duty mainly, and the WWE games but I don't upload often.
-I am also an avid wrestling fan, so if there is anything rasslin' related you want to talk about, don't hesitate to ask :)

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